About Pacific SpiZes

Pacific SpiZes is based in the Netherlands and is selling the best
sustainable Spices and Oils from the core source: Spice Islands, Maluku – Indonesia.

Please also visit: https://pacific-spizes.shop

Nutmeg – Mace – Cloves – Cengkeh Radja – Cinnamon – Green Cardemom – Long Pepper – Star Anise – Vanilla


As health is non-selective, we serve all layers of society, competing with commercial manufacturers.


Working with certified Fair Trade farmers and producers throughout the chain.


All spices are from the core source, ‘Spice Islands – Maluku’. Like the nutmeg, which used to be the gold of Banda because of its unique taste, history remains.

Fair Trade

Fair Trade manual handling of production and selecting process by local, certified farmers.

Market Need

Spices can be bought all over the world. From mass production to fair trade handling. However the trend nowadays is going back to basic and the value of ethnic/authentic products has increased over the years. Where artificial ingredients are a main substitute in most non-organic food and beverage, we these days become more aware of health issues and the effects of a biological and organic lifestyle for our mind and body.

Target Market

The current trend of the overall market within the food & beverage industry, biological, organic food is often more in demand than manufactured products. Because we are in the position to deliver straight from the producers to the consumers (retail/wholesale), the products of Pacific Spizes are affordable for the low to high-end market. We believe that everybody should have the same rights and access towards a more healthy approach of lifestyle.

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